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From restricted industrial area to new city district

Kalhammaren had a long industrial past before the landowner GMC Eiendom created the new Stavanger city district of Byfjordparken.

Canning History

Byfjordparken is located on historical industrial grounds in Stavanger Nord. Until 1975, famous Stavanger entrepreneur Christian Bjelland (founder of Chr. Bjelland) located his factories in this area, characterized by chimneys and assembly line production. Little did the workers know about how everyday life on the site would change a hundred years later. When GMC took over the 60-acre plot in the 1970s, the decommissioned factory constructions were leveled and the area completely remodeled.

The GMC history

When Chr. Bjelland’s old factories were out of the way, another maritime resource, oil and gas, emerged as the basis for a new generation of industry. GMC Maritime moved in with marine mechanical services, welders and industrial plumbers along the docks, and modern ships started pouring in.

The old herring industry with its pioneers was replaced by a new pioneer, Mr. Gunnar Magne Christensen senior, (GMC). He envisioned the great potential of servicing vessels and installations offshore, and he had remarkable success. After a few years, the “GMC spirit” was a firmly established concept in industrial circles in Stavanger, in the same way as Bjelland’s canned fish once aroused the region´s entrepreneurial spirit.

Today’s generation

In sincere respect for Stavanger Nord’s rich industrial traditions, GMC Eiendom presents Byfjordparken on the old industrial plot. The mechanical workshops and dock were recently moved to larger and better facilities in Mekjarvik and Buøy. The new vision for Stavanger Nord included housing and commercial premises, all located in a very attractive area, constructed with high standards and forward-looking solutions.

The future of Stavanger city

Today, Byfjordparken is teeming with life and energy, and it has become a place where people in Stavanger reside and thrive. Students flock to BI Norwegian Business School and the Noroff Institute, and staff and users of the NAV Arbeidslivssenteret enjoy the proximity to Stavanger city center as well as a fantastic view of the Stavanger fjord. GMC Eiendom has opened up to the public what used to be a closed industrial area. We welcome you to the future of Stavanger city, a place where you can create your own history.