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plattform på havet i solnedgang

The Veslefrikk-platform ended production February 2022. The chain was used as mooring. Photo credit: Øyvind Hagen/Equinor


Reusing mooring equipment from the Veslefrikk-platform

At GMC Gismarvik Base, 15 kilometers of solid mooring chain are stored at the quay facility ready to be reused. The mooring chain came from the platform Veslefrikk, which ended its production in February this year.

Reuse as an environmental benefit

– The positive aspect of reuse, is that it´s more energy-saving to reuse an object rather than remelting it. At GMC Marine Partner, we sell both mooring equipment and other equipment for reuse, says Stein Roald Levang, Operations Manager at GMC Marine Partner.

metervis med kjetting på kaien

15 655 meters of mooring chain ready for new life at GMC Gismarvik Base, part of Haugaland Næringspark. Photo credit: Stein Roald Levang.

The conversion of mooring equipment is one of many projects, and it is not the first time GMC Marine Partner has purchased chain with the purpose of reuse. The chain from Veslefrikk consists of dimensions of 76 mm, 82 mm, and 120 mm. A total of 2500 tons of chain is not ordinary stock.

– Mooring chain this size has several uses. In addition to the primary area of use, which is the mooring of large floating structures, it can also be used as ballast, for example. It can be sold or rented out, tells Levang.

tre menn på kaien som smiler til kamera

From left: Supervisor Arild Austrått (GMC), Stein Roald Levang (GMC) and Operations Manager on board Normand Ferking, Ottar Furø (DOF Subsea/Semar). All of them took part of the operation to get the mooring chain from Veslefrikk ashore.

In collaboration with Stena Recycling

In Mekjarvik, Stena Recycling is the closest neighboring company to GMC´s department, and the two companies have a long tradition of cooperation.

The 2500 tons chain came ashore with the vessel Normand Ferking early September. This was part of an operation carried out by DOF Subsea, who retrieved the chain from the seabed and transported it to GMC Gismarvik Base in Haugaland Næringpark. Stena Recycling bought the mooring chain from Equinor and partnered with GMC to transport it ashore for storing and sales.

dronebilde av kaianlegget i Gismarvik

GMC Gismarvik Base in Haugaland Næringspark consists of harbor facilities and deep water wharf. Photo credit: Haugaland Næringspark. 

Hub of logistics

Conveniently located close to efficient transport routes, on both land and at sea, lies Haugaland Næringspark. A total of 160 acres of land with harbor facilities and deep-water quay is operated by GMC Marine Partner.

Great interest

– We just sold a part of the mooring chain. There is now a one-year delivery time to get hold of chain this size. And that´s the reason why we´re experiencing great interest in the chain, but also other large anchor chains in stock, says Rune Christensen, Manager Products at GMC Marine Partner.

One kilometer of the mooring chain is now sold. The part has been re-certified and is ready to be used for other anchoring vessels.


Any questions about mooring equipment? Please contact on.cmg@selas.

Publisert av Marianne Helgesen

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