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skip på vei inn i dokken

A ship entering one of the docks at GMC Yard on Buøy in Stavanger. When the ship is in place, the dock is emptied of water so that various maintenance can be carried out.


Attractive docking in Stavanger:

– A perfect location for docking

It´s a new day at GMC Yard on Buøy in Stavanger. At half past nine several people are gathered by the coffee machine, a stand-up morning meeting has started.

– I have to be at two different places at the same time today, so I want to ask you, Tom, if you can attend one of the meetings later? Asks Project Manager, Eirik Fjone.

Different matters are clarified and time-critical plans carried out. The last details of the day are coordinated. But the meeting is a quick gathering, and suddenly it is over and everyone continues their day.

mann på kontoret

Tom Eiane at the morning meeting at half past eight to review the final details of the day.

Tom Eiane started the day at seven o´clock. Twenty-two years ago he started as an engine mechanic at GMC. Over the years, he gained experience and competence having different roles in the company. Today Tom Eiane has been Bid Manager for five years – keeping the numbers in order.

– I work on designing price offers for the two docks we operate, says Eiane.

Eiane knows the customers and partners of the company well. The price offers are comprehensive lists of estimated prices, and a lot of consideration goes into working out the numbers. Eiane then presents the offer to the customer, and then there is a dialogue to negotiate a final agreement.

mann som jobber på pc

Tom Eiane has worked at GMC for 22 years, and has gone through the ranks in the company. He started as a motor mechanic in 2000.

A perfect location

The docks that GMC Yard operates are conveniently located on the West coast of Norway.

–  Our location here in Stavanger is very favorable geographically. We´re close to large parts of the offshore fleet that sail in and out of the Norwegian and English sectors, in addition to other ship traffic in the North Sea. It´s a perfect location for docking! Says Eiane, adding:

– In addition, we have access to services from world-class subcontractors in the Stavanger region. GMC Yard is close to both airport and ports, which means quick access to spare parts and equipment – but also service personnel with the right expertise. It´s crucial for our customers that we ensure an efficient and seamless stay.

dokken full av vann

En av to dokker hos GMC Yard på Buøy i Stavanger. Her er det god tilgang på servicetjenester for skipene som legger til.

Tekst og foto: Marianne Helgesen

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